To Ensure Your Nutrition In The Course Of Kidney Treatment

Nowadays more and more people are induced the kidney problems from the diet or incorrect measures.To most kidney patients they must pay more attention to their diet to reduce the protein intake in daily diet.At the same time in the clinical treatment you must control your other indicators to keep the stable condition of your body.Then I want to share with you the following as these are the main aspects of protein reduction.
1. Hormone therapy
A brief introduction to when hormones can stop.
Take the membranous kidney for example, if you want to stop the hormone to achieve clinical remission.
If you've been eating enough hormones for 8 to 12 weeks, you'll need to reduce them regardless of whether the symptoms have eased or not.
Hormones are also associated with immunosuppressants.
2. Control other influencing factors
If your blood pressure is high, make sure your blood pressure is stable.
In the choice of drugs, you can choose the antihypertensive drugs of pritopril and shatan, which can not only reduce the pressure, reduce the protein, but also help protect the kidney function.
If it's a sugar kidney, you need to actively control your blood sugar, and when choosing drugs, you need to take into account kidney damage.
Also actively prevent infection, which can lead to a return to treatment.
3. Diet problem
It is a cliche that the balance between adequate nutrition and proper taboos is hard to grasp.
Develop a high-quality, low-protein, low-salt diet.
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