Why To Control The Protein Intake For Kidney Patients

To most kidney patients the doctor always tell them to control the protein intake,why?For the poor kidney function the protein metabolism can not be solved easily and may do more damage to kidney,and the proteinuria is the common symptoms to most kidney patients,then as a kidney doctor i want to explain this symptoms to you as following.

Primary nephrosis, such as acute and chronic nephritis and primary nephrotic syndrome; Secondary nephropathy, such as hypertensive nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and lupus nephritis, does not require control of protein intake, among which patients with Nephrotic syndrome have a large amount of protein lost in urine.There is hypoalbuminemia, the patient’s edema is not easy to subside, and protein needs to be supplemented to improve the plasma protein level to facilitate the subsiding of edema.

What needs control protein is Renal failure. The lower the protein intake of patients with chronic renal failure, the better, because the lower the protein intake, the less nitrogen-containing metabolic waste will be produced and the symptoms of Uremia will be mild. However, the normal human body and the repair of human diseases need protein, and the intake of protein is too small to meet normal physiological needs, resulting in negative nitrogen balance and weak health.Anemia aggravates and is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Therefore, for patients with chronic renal failure, the protein intake should take into account both the basic needs of the body and renal function, and find the best balance, not as few as possible. Some doctors, in pursuit of short-term curative effect, completely prohibit patients from consuming protein, which is detrimental to long-term recovery.

Misunderstanding: Nephropathy is an incurable disease

Nephropathy is not an incurable disease. In particular, early kidney disease can be well controlled by improving life style and actively preventing and treating related diseases. However, many patients were particularly afraid of the decline of renal function and were rushed to the hospital, resulting in irreparable and progressive damage to renal function.

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