Mild Is The Most Nutrition Food For Kidney Patients

To most people milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, including all amino acids needed for human growth and development,especially to patients they should pay more attention to their nutrition in food.The digestibility can reach 98 %, which is unmatched by other foods. Milk is recognized by more and more people as the best drink to supplement human nutrition.

Since milk has such high nutritional value and so many benefits to the human body, should uremic patients drink more milk? The answer is no, uremic patients should drink milk and dairy products properly according to their own condition, but they should not overdo them, and if their diet is not reasonable, the disease will be aggravated.

Uremia, in fact, means that the human body cannot produce urine through the kidney, and cannot discharge metabolites and excessive water from the body, causing a series of symptoms of self – poisoning. Uremia is not an independent disease, but a series of complex syndromes, called renal failure syndrome or renal failure for short, that result from the disorder of biochemical processes in the body after the loss of renal function.

Uremia patients are often told by doctors to eat a low-protein diet. This is because the patient’s renal function is severely reduced and the excretion of protein metabolites in the body is impaired. The protein intake must be compatible with the excretion capacity of the kidney, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidney and have a more serious impact on its function. Therefore, uremic patients should eat protein-containing foods in an appropriate amount according to their own condition.

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