How To Deal With Occult Blood With Correct Methods.

Urine occult blood is detected by urine routine, which includes a red blood cell. If erythrocytosis ( normal is negative ), it will become urine occult blood positive, which is represented by the + sign. In general, when urine occult blood is positive, Nephritis or urinary tract infections should be considered.

What is hypertensive nephropathy? Urine routine examination can predict urinary tract infection, calculus, biliary obstruction, acute and chronic nephritis, Diabetes, Nephrotic syndrome and other diseases. Many patients will find occult blood during routine urine tests. What is urine routine occult blood?

Patient questions: Last week, I went to the hospital for a routine urine test. Then I had urine protein and hematuria. The doctor said it was chronic nephritis. Is this serious? What should I do?

Patients: Hello! For nearly half a year, hematuria has been present in routine urine tests, but there are no obvious symptoms in other tests. What should I do now? Is there any good way to treat it? What are the treatments for renal failure?

Many people with kidney disease need to have a routine urine check when they go to the hospital for examination. Urine occult blood is one of them, so what about urine occult blood?

Urine test abnormality: If routine urine tests reveal proteins, occult blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, casts, ketone bodies, urine sugar, etc., further examinations should be made to make a clear diagnosis.

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