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The Kidney Failure Is Caused By the Essence Deficiency And Essence Stasis

To most kidney patients especially the nephritis patients needs to control water intake if they have edema.

The disorder of essence causing kidney failure.

The disorder of essence mainly includes essence deficiency and essence stasis:

1. Essence deficiency

Deficiency of essence mainly refers to pathological changes caused by deficiency of essence and low function.

If the congenital endowment is insufficient, or the acquired spleen and stomach are weak, the Shui Gu is not full, or the house is overworked, the kidney essence is depleted, or the disease is weak for a long time, the viscera essence is deficient, and the kidney is affected for a long time, the kidney essence is deficient and the pathological change of essence deficiency occurs.

Kidney essence deficiency is mainly manifested by poor growth and development, decreased reproductive function, decreased intelligence and physical fitness, etc. Clinically, it can be seen that children suffer from delayed fontanel closure, bone weakness, delayed growth and development, female infertility, male infertility or spermatorrhea impotence, premature senility, empty brain marrow in the elderly, decreased intelligence, osteoporosis, and mental fatigue, amnesia, vertigo, tinnitus, soreness of the waist and knees, and sickly health, etc.

2. Essence and Blood Stasis

The essence and blood stasis refers to the man's essence stagnation and obstruction of essence discharge.

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