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Can Antibiotics Help Eliminate Proteinuria To Nephritis Patients?

In general, glomerulonephritis is the most common form of nephritis. This type of nephritis can result in urinary protein and hematuria.And the interstitial nephritis mentioned above, hematuria, proteinuria can be relatively mild, or no antibiotics is a secondary metabolite, can interfere with the development of other cells, antibiotics for clinical treatment are divided into natural products and synthetic products, mainly used in bacterial infection caused by a variety of diseases.

Some people see antibiotics as a panacea, even if you have a mild cold will choose a variety of antibiotics for treatment.Actually, can make human body produces certain drug resistance so only, when need to use antibiotic to undertake treating really after getting sick, already had the effect that cannot treat.

In many cases, nephrotic patients need antibiotics for treatment, but this does not mean that nephrotic patients can use antibiotics at will, should follow certain principles of medication.Three types of antibiotics are kidney killers

1. Aminoglycosides.Bactericidal drug, basically use at systemic infection, common streptomycin, gentamicin, amikacin belongs to this kind of class.After entering human body, the concentration in fluid of kidney, inner ear and outside lymphatic fluid is taller, so not only nephrotoxicity, also have ototoxicity, the child below 6 years old has forbidden.

2. Amphotericin B.Antifungal agents, solution, cream, ointment several.Almost all patients can present varying degrees of renal function damage, such as proteinuria, tubular urine, and so on.It is also hepatotoxic and should be avoided by pregnant women.

3. Peptide antibiotics.Polymyxin is mainly excreted from the kidney, but the excretion is slow. Currently, polymyxin is no longer used as systemic therapy, and patients with kidney diseases should be more cautious.Bacteropeptides have serious renal toxicity and are only used for local treatment.Vancomycin has nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity.

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