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How To Find Early Stage Of Diabetic Nephropathy Through Tests

Diabetic nephropathy has a high incidence in diabetic patients.According to statistics, Ⅰ diabetes nephropathy could have 30-40%.Ⅱ diabetes 25% kidney disease happens.Diabetic nephropathy occurs in 60% of patients undergoing dialysis or kidney transplantation for end-stage chronic renal failure (uremic).Diabetic nephropathy early, there is a long course of disease, early because there are almost no symptoms, easy to neglect it called insidious period.However, if it can be found in time, it can be controlled by controlling blood sugar and pathological changes in the kidney.

If blood sugar control is poor, as the development of the disease, albumin excretion in the urine will appear or increase, that is, microalbuminuria.Urinary albumin in early diabetic nephropathy was measured at 30-300 mg /24 h.

Clinical phase can have a lot of excretion of albumin of urine >300 milligram /24 hours, and have albuminuria detect.

Microalbuminuria is the early stage or subclinical stage of diabetic nephropathy.

Without intervention, most patients develop clinical proteinuria within 10-15 years, when urinary protein remains positive and hypertension follows.It showed that the renal disease was significantly aggravated and developed into nephrotic syndrome within a few years, which was characterized by a large amount of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema and rapid renal insufficiency, and eventually uremia.

Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy

History of diabetes: 1. Ⅰ diabetes progression in more than 10 years.Ⅱ diabetes progression in 5 years or more.

2. Clinical proteinuria, often accompanied by hypertension, renal insufficiency, late renal failure.

3. Systemic microvascular disease of diabetes was observed.Such as the fundus can be found microangioma.

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