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What Factors May Cause The Renal Anemia To Nephropathy Patients

Anaemia is a kind of common disease, the reason that causes anaemia also has a lot of, anaemia of long-term anaemia appears very easy to organize organ anoxia, appear a series of unwell symptoms, to the body harm is great, must correct in time.Renal anemia

All sorts of factors cause kidney to promote erythropoietin to produce inadequacy or a few toxin substance in uremic plasma interfere with the generation of erythrocyte and metabolize and bring about anaemia, call kidney sex anaemia.

Renal anemia is mainly caused by the decrease of erythropoietin after renal function is damaged, and erythrocytes cannot develop normally and mature. The hematopoietic system of bone marrow is affected. Proteins in the body are excreted out of the body, and the decrease of proteins in hematopoietic raw materials leads to ischemia.

Nephropathy patients should be highly alert to renal anemia:

1. The production of erythropoietin is relatively scarce when the kidney is damaged, especially after renal tissue fibrosis;

2, is the kidney disease patients lack of appetite, and inflammation in the body has certain obstacles, iron and vitamin deficiency is serious;

3. Anemia was aggravated by blood loss and inadequate dialysis in dialysis patients;

4. Inhibition of erythrocyte formation by secondary hyperparathyroidism is the mechanism of renal anemia.

Kidney disease symptoms of anemia, and must be corrected in time, in addition to drug therapy, such as diet also is very critical, right amount to eat some foods rich in iron, kidney disease patients not recommended eating animal offal, can eat foods rich in high grade protein, like lean meat, eggs, etc., can promote the absorption of iron, but need to reasonable consumption according to protein intake.

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